Friday, April 01, 2005

Underage drinking

Here's a good one to start off with, and it's courtesy of that fount of new ideas - my dad.

Underage drinking is a problem at the moment. Obviously the way to solve this is to "stop making shitty alchohol". Back in the good old days of the vikings beer was frequently the only clean drink, due to the alchohol content and processes used to make it. Not only this but it was also very weak by today's standards. The result of this combination of factors was that it was drunk all the time, by everybody.

Now, and this is the clever part, if we remove all the chemicals, added alchohol, filtering processes, sterilisation etc used to make beer today and stop altogether the production of bacardi breezers, reef and so on we will be able to revert to a time when everyone drinks watery beer all the time and no-one will think twice about underage drinking being a problem.

I'm gonna have to think a bit more about this idea, it seems to me that alchohol is still a poison and no-one wants to drink ale all the time, you'd get a bit sick of it.

What would the tramps drink? Super Ale-water?

Didn't the vikings all get trashed drinking mead anyway? The pillaging and conquering influence could be a problem as well.


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